about darknessfallsonus

Hi, I’m Ramiro. I’ve always been drawn by scifi, horror and dark topics from a young age but never thought about it too much. As the years passed and music occupied a huge part of my life I realized a better way to describe my attraction to the gloomy and obscure side of  my experience was the term “melancholy”.
During the pandemic, as it happened to many of you, loss hit my family and I took refuge in my new found hobby of photography after being diagnosed with depression. I began investigating about melancholy and what it really meant. As an introvert and as someone who is always pushing ahead I began to question if this feeling was something dragging me down or actually something useful. How can someone be drawn to introspective, sad, sometimes depressive thoughts and still feel pleasure about it, right? I mean, I always enojoyed sad songs more than happy ones, and the same applied to TV series, books and imagery. The rabbit whole went deep and read many things about it, including known books like Quiet by Susan Cain and Against Happiness by Eric G. Wilson.
Anyway, this is a topic that I think it is still not well understood but one thing that is clear is that there is a lot of people out there that channels creativity through melancholy. Whithout knowing all of this, back in 2021, I started to write some poems and using the photos I took to illustrate them and that became darknessfallson us. It may seem counterintuitive but putting feelings, memories and thoughts into words is a healing thing, sharing suffering or art connects people and promotes empathy, something that is always needed is this strange thing called life.

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